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Michelle Germain

Spanking Fantasy of the Day for 07-07-2013

Sound Spanking: Santiago Secrets - Private Lessons for Miss Valentina López.    

Book Reviews

The Education of Simone is a contemporary spanking novel about a sophisticated but somewhat slutty young woman. Join the adventures of this naughty girl who gradually learns to appreciate her punishments. Sexy, but the whippings and canings that are administered to her bare ass are rather strict and severe. Who doesn't appreciate a slender blonde with fine hips and shapely thighs? Especially with a patchwork of welts and whip marks printed onto the skin of her bottom!    

The Education of Simone: Arrival at the Institute - Witness to a Schoolgirl Whipping.    

Book Review: The Riding Academy - Strict Lessons for Teresa. With riding pants pulled down.    

Book Review: Mistress of the East - This sexy young chinese lady can be very strict indeed.

Book Review: The Odalisque - Proud Jenny Langham gets her bottom spanked and strapped.    

Book Review: The Captive's Journey - This historical journey is full of lust and pain.    

Available as e-book download      
Available as e-book download      

This link takes you to a short spanking story I wrote, published on "Born to Ride"

Recent Spanking Fantasies of the Day

Sound Spanking: Riding Girl - Harmony gets tamed and trained with a leather riding crop.    

Sound Spanking: The Passion of Gauge - A relentless, bare bottom spanking.    

Spanking Story: Unlike a Virgin - A private and merciless discipline session for Emily.    

Sound Spanking: Taking Chances - And what happens when she gets caught?    

Sound Spanking: Consequences - Bottom up for a lashing with a dressage whip.    

Spanking Postcard: Riding Lesson - A first spanking. Followed by a bare ass whipping.    

Spanking Postcard: Elegant but arrogant, it's time for this lady to bend over the chair.    

Spanking Video: The new secretary receives her first bare ass spanking (36,126 KB).

Sound Spanking: Letters to Katsuni 1 - Her bottom gets exercised with a dog whip.    

Sound Spanking (short story): Cruel Mistress Ivana - Harsh caning for bad boys.    

Discipline Video: Stable Girls Part 1 - Spanked in tight riding pants (50,852 KB).

Sound Spanking: Lesson for a Bad Girl - The punishment of naughty Vanessa.    

Sound Spanking: Good Girl Being Bad - Sweet Vanessa wants you to be rough.    

Video: Cute latex maid masturbates and gets her ass spanked red (7,553 KB).

Sound Spanking: Strapping Girls - Britney and Scarlet taken to the woodshed.    

Movie Review: Intimate Moments - The anatomy of a very sexy ass whipping movie scene.    

Sound Spanking: Santiago Secrets 2 - Katsumi Okamoto tied up and whipped.    

Sound Spanking: Part-time Secretary - Taylor gets her ass whipped black and blue.    

Discipline Fantasy: The Stranger - Idle housewife wishing for a strict spanking.    

Discipline Fantasy: Maid for Whipping - It's corner time for this kinky maid.    

Preview Video: Two gorgeous bad girls play out their fetish spanking fantasy (21,072 KB).

Sound Spanking: Joyride - The bare ass lashing of a saddle-grinding masturbatrix.    

Discipline Fantasy: The Arab Master - Fatina's training centers on her great amazon ass.    


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Available as e-book download      
Available as e-book download